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Experience learns that the results promised by skincare product advertising are often misleading. Advertisements are therefore not the best possible way to make a good choice for your skin.  The most effective way to know if a product really does what your skin needs is to look at its ingredients. All its ingredients. We have made this a little bit easier with this anti-aging questionnaire:

You can print out this document and check step-by-step if your actual products really have all the characteristics necessary for a long lasting anti-aging. If it doesn't, we ask you to consider our alternative. With Dr. Baumann's Exclusive Bionome Skincare products you are able to take all  7 sound measures to delay and reduce the visible aging of your skin in the best possible way.


If you want a second opinion and a professional independent opinion about the value of Dr. Baumann's Exclusive Bionome Skincare and other skincare products, we can only recommend that you visit the website

This website provides an objective analysis of cosmetic products based on the value of all the ingredients.

Dr. Baumann's Exclusive Bionome Skincare
products receive very high evaluations. SkinIdent products even obtain scores of 100/100, which means they are the best possible choice in terms of skin compatibility (tolerance) and effectiveness (results). The only step that remains is to know the exact needs of a personís skin in order to make the right selection out of the many possibilities that Dr. Baumann's Exclusive Bionome Skincare offers. A professional skin analysis and personalized follow-up by a beautician will help to achieve the highest satisfaction.



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