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By clicking on some links you can read or download documents from our website and save them on your computer. To do this, however, you need to have certain programs installed in your computer.  

Adobe Reader (formerly called Acrobat Reader) is required to read most of the documents on this website, which are “.pdf” files
. This program comes pre-installed with most computers, but if it is not installed in yours, you can download it for free here:

Some of the files are very large and it could take some time to open or download them. If you have a fast internet connection this will not be a problem.  Larger files are compressed as ".zip" files to reduce the download time. To read these documents, you will need WinZip, a decompression program. If you do not have it installed already, you can download it for free here:


To be able to read the ".xls" and ".doc" files, Microsoft Excel and Word must be installed on your computer.



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