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The primary concern of Dr. Baumann's Exclusive Bionome Skincare is to provide optimal skincare that takes into account the specific biologic and metabolic processes of the human body and skin. Bionome means: knowing and respecting the principles of life.

Dr. Baumann's Exclusive Bionome Skincare
is different from conventional skincare ranges. To understand the difference requires a small amount of basic physiological and dermatological knowledge. Unfortunately, this knowledge is not generally available to consumers, and it is not taught at all cosmetics schools, even though it constitutes an indispensable part of every cosmetician’s work. One thing is certain: the products used, together with expert consultation, form the basis for the success of a cosmetics institute. Today’s market is inundated with cosmetic products of varying quality. Increasingly, cosmetics companies are suspected of selling products of dubious quality by using illusions and slick marketing and packaging. At a time when only a few companies actually have their own research and manufacturing facilities, and advertisements for cosmetic products do not necessarily reflect true facts, it is of fundamental importance for cosmeticians as well as for end users to acquire fact-based knowledge.  

The term “bionome skincare” is derived from "bionomy". “Bionomy” is the “knowledge of life”. We all have the choice
of whether or not we want to live in harmony with life and nature. This choice has personal implications for all of us, particularly when it comes to health and beauty. Ideally, our efforts to live better and in closer harmony with nature will also include respect for our fellow creatures and the natural environment.


Dr. Baumann's Exclusive Bionome Skincare is based on “bionome quality”, a phrase that sums up the many important differences between "conventional" and "natural" cosmetics and our special quality requirements for healthy skincare. With great dedication and consistency, we adhere to sound dermatological principles to find the best ways of improving and protecting the skin, without losing sight of our ethical responsibilities towards animals and the environment.  

“Bionome quality” must not be mistaken for the
often misused notion of “natural cosmetics”. First, even natural substances are often not what the human skin needs and can even trigger bad allergic reactions and affect the skin severely. Secondly, “natural cosmetics” all too often contain chemically synthesized substances such as preservatives. To make the presence of these substances appear harmless, chemical preservatives are often simply labeled as “natural”, because it sounds better than “chemical”. However, experts know that preservatives such as parabens, potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate are both “natural” as well as chemical, as “natural” merely means that one can find at least tiny traces of these chemically synthesized substances in nature. Whether an ingredient is “natural” has absolutely nothing to do with its compatibility with and value to the skin. "Natural cosmetics" give you no guarantee whatsoever that the product does what your skin needs, or that your skin will not be damaged by highly potent but natural allergic substances.

Dr. Baumann's Exclusive Bionome Skincare  goes much further with regard to its quality criteria for compatible and effective skincare in the best interests of the skin and consumer protection. “Naturalness” as a benefit for the skin has nothing to do with whether a substance is a “natural substance” but whether the skin and its immune system identify the substance as “natural for the skin” and therefore a natural component of the skin. The slogan “nature for the skin” must give way to the new insight that we should be aware of and respect the “nature of the skin” and use this as a basis for the selection of ingredients for skincare products. The “nature” of our body consists only of the substances that comprise our organism. These ingredients alone should be chosen for use in skincare products as they are the only true representatives of the nature of our skin. For Dr. Baumann's Exclusive Bionome Skincare  the doctor and naturopath Dr. Henrich has selected the best ingredients for your customers’ skin based on dermatological and
allergyological criteria. Cosmetic chemist Dr. Baumann uses these recommended ingredients in the laboratory to create top quality products. Their work has resulted in a broad range of excellent bionome products.

All products are made in accordance with the bionome quality standard system of practice, which includes the following guidelines:

v  Use of skin-related and skin-identical lipids
v  Use of vitamins A, B5, C, E, F, H
v  Use of urea, panthenol, hyaluronic acid and other beneficial ingredients
v  No added fragrance
v  No chemical preservatives
v  No mineral oils
v  No oxygen
v  No paper packaging
v  No ingredients of animal origin

Some additional information is required in order to understand fully the concept of “bionome quality”. To help you understand the principles of bionome skincare, which will help you and your customers for life, we have chosen a few topics to help you understand what skin is and what it needs.

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