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Dr. Baumann's Exclusive Bionome Skincare  was created to provide the best possible natural skincare products for beauty salon professionals who want to achieve more for themselves and for their customers. The DR. BAUMANN approach has been adapted by over 2000 beauty salons who wanted:

To offer their customers the most healthy and beautiful skin possible.

To offer efficient and natural anti-aging with guaranteed results.

To offer healthy skincare products that won't damage (age) the skin with mineral oils, or high potent allergens like fragrances and preservatives.

To offer good and professional skincare advice so their customers will no longer be misled by illusions in cosmetics advertising and use the products that are really doing what should be done.
To offer their customers the best possible natural skincare at an affordable price.

To offer their customers skincare products that are kind to the skin but don't cause suffering to animals or damage the environment.

To build their existence on a real salon brand that is sold exclusively in dedicated beauty salons.

Like any beauty professional, you no doubt selected for your customers the skincare products that you believed to be best for them. But can you really be sure that the choice you once made is still the best possible choice today? 

If you take some time to learn about recent developments and insights in skincare,
you might draw the conclusion that you made a good choice and that you don't have to change or review anything. But the world is developing every day, and so is skincare technology. We believe that there are very good reasons to consider changing to the 'bionome' approach of Dr. Baumann's Exclusive Bionome Skincare.

We can only try to make you understand this by offering you the best information we have. On this website you will find the information that will help you make your skincare decisions for the future based on knowledge instead of illusions. It explains the most important and fundamental principles for recognizing good and ethical skincare.

We call such skincare "bionome skincare".
Once you understand the principles and ethos behind bionome skincare, we are confident that you will want to offer
Dr. Baumann's Exclusive Bionome Skincare to your customers. In doing so, you will offer them the best opportunity to protect their skin, health, and beauty, as well as benefiting the environment, now and into the future. Because, in the first place, bionome skincare is healthy natural anti-aging skincare with proven results.

If you do the effort to read and understand this website, you will learn a lot, and maybe, one day, Dr. Baumann's Exclusive Bionome Skincare will also become your way to make the difference for the benefit of your salon and the beauty of your customers.

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